Thanks to the Sixty and Better Transportation Program, for older adults giving up the car keys doesn’t mean giving up on life. Transportation Program participants receive door-to-door transit to their neighborhood older adult activity center, free of charge. At the centers, older adults enjoy a hot meal with friends, discover new interests, find opportunities to get involved, learn ways to best manage falls, and stay active. On Thursday, September 20, 2018 help Sixty and Better drive connections by donating during North Texas Giving Day.

Sixty and Better Transit Participant Crispina

Crispina’s Story

After raising 11 children and being her husband’s caretaker for 15 years, Fort Worth resident Crispina, 80, felt lost after her husband passed. Her health began to deteriorate after she suffered a stroke and underwent heart surgery. To improve her cardiovascular health, her doctor told her she needed to become more active, which led Crispina to Handley Meadowbrook’s Best Year’s Club, an older adult activity center in her neighborhood.

The only problem: unable to drive, Crispina didn’t have a way to get to the activity center. However, thanks to Sixty and Better’s Transportation Program, Crispina is now a regular participant at Handley Meadowbrook, where she volunteers, exercises, and is “around people my own age.” Crispina says, “Getting a ride is so helpful. I’m able to get to the center and I don’t have to burden my kids.”

Cripsina’s story isn’t unique; 82% of daily transit participants say that without Sixty and Better’s transit services they would be unable to attend their neighborhood activity center, leaving them isolated at home without food, friends, or purpose.

Every year demand for transit services far outweighs available grant funding. Sixty and Better relies on community support to provide transit services for our participants. This North Texas Giving Day, every $60 donation to Sixty and Better will provide one week of round-trip, door-to-door transit for a Sixty and Better participant like Crispina.

We hope you choose to join us by donating to the Sixty and Better Transportation Program on September 20. Click here, for more information on how you can help Sixty and Better drive connections.